uniquely crafted civil ceremonies

From balloon releases to intimate family affairs - make sure your loved one gets the send off they deserve.  Work with us to craft a truly bespoke ceremony that really celebrates the uniqueness of each life lived.

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Unique Civil Ceremonies

Civil Ceremonies based on the wishes and beliefs of the person who has died and their family

Life Celebrated provides families with a choice with regards to the delivery and content of any funeral ceremony. As an alternative to the more traditional religious or non religious (humanist) ceremonies Life Celebrated offers families a truly bespoke service. Our ceremonies are tailored to include, or exclude, any elements, including religious content, to ensure the perfect tribute to celebrate each life lived. 

Throughout our 28 year experience we have delivered a huge variation in funeral ceremonies. From themed and humourous ceremonies held in the local pub or theatre to private intimate family gatherings held in the front room of the family home - at Life Celebrated we want to create and deliver a true reflection of, and a lasting tribute to, your loved one

Institute of Civil Funerals 

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